Only Love Matters is having its World premiere on the 6th October in Marbella Spain and the UK premiere on the (World Intersex Awareness Day) 27th October at BFI Southbank, London, UK.
A Film By Dr Kamran Qureshi

Only Love Matters

For The First Time In Cinematic History: A Romantic Family Drama Featuring Intersex Lead Characters in A British Feature Film.
Two women, two timelines, two generations, and always the one thing that truly matters: Love.

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Eylem Atakav

“It does so elegantly and originally and thought-provokingly by offering a story of love and romance and drama…”
Professor of Film, Gender and Public Engagement UEA

Richard Hand

"What’s wonderful about it is that it’s richly textured, you get a sense of society. You get a sense of love and universal values of that.”
Professor in Media practise UEA

Iannis Aliferis

"The team has done a lot of research on the topic of this film and also on the Hollywood and British Cinema. I am very excited to be a part of this team.”
Screenwriter OLM
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