Jeffrey Harrison
Jeffrey Weeks Harrison is a Music Composer.
Jeffrey Weeks Harrison has composed a background score for Only Love Matters. He is an award-winning composer of music for film, musical theatre, dance, animation, and jazz combo. He is originally from New Orleans, US, lives with his wife Katie, and dog Simba. Many years of performing with symphony orchestras have shaped Jeff’s compositional style, tonal palette, as well as his abilities to orchestrate and arrange music for a wide spectrum of instruments and for themes that range from simple to multi-layered and complex. Jeff is dedicated to the discovery of innovative harmonies and melodic motifs through the regular study of music theory. His musical voice is highly expressive, distinctive, and communicates a transcendent quality, painting pictures in the imaginations of listeners. As a performing classical and jazz musician, Jeff possesses a unique sensibility for arrangement and composition and a passion for innovation and improvisation. A graduate of The Juilliard School (MM) and The Cleveland Institute of Music (BM), he performs regularly with orchestras and local jazz ensembles on the French Horn.
Music Composer