Phillip McHugh
Phillip McHugh is a Song Composer and music Producer.
Phillip McHugh has composed the Only Love Matters song. Phillip McHugh is a composer from North West London. Phillip has been performing live as a vocalist and guitarist since 2004 and began writing his own music in 2011. Phillip's passion for compositions and high quality recordings led him to completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Technology at the London College of Music (LCM). During his time at the LCM, Phillip co-created the indie rock band KICK and wrote many songs which gained nationwide radio play with 'Uh-Oh', 'Sky and Sea' and 'São Paulo'.

After KICK disbanded, Phillip continued to write music for various projects and discovered how the use of non-conventional instrumentation can drastically change an atmosphere of a piece to help provide different settings for stories to be more effectively told within the lyrics and melody. With a new found appetite for writing to visuals and using music to help enhance storylines, in 2020 Phillip began writing to film and is involved in several projects expected to be released in 2021.

Song Composer