Professor Eylem Atakav and Professor Richard J Hand

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Dr Kamran Qureshi (Director) is with Professor Richard Hand and Professor Eylem Atakav at the University of East Anglia.

During the research and writing of the screenplay, the team was engaged with intersex experts such as Dr Jay Hayslight, Dr Sana Yasir and Dr Erasmo Tacconelli and international intersex organisations representatives including OII Europe, UKIA, Leap for Intersex, and Klinefelter’s Syndrome Association; media organisations, film production companies and TV channels to learn through their responses.

Only Love Matters is an original screenplay that will be turned through Kamran’s Directorship into a fiction film. Now what’s really interesting and original about Kamran’s work here is that its a fiction film, not a documentary, not a docudrama and this isn’t something that has been done often. But Kamran’s previous work has already dealt with the issue around intersex is going to be super helpful in determining how the story will unveil. Only Love Matters brings to the audience an idea of what intersex characters mean in film and for film. But it does that so elegantly and originally and thought-provokingly by offering a story of love and romance and drama.

                                                                                             – Professor Eylem Atakav

Only Love Matters is a wonderful film. It is very moving, its a film anybody can enjoy, the strong characters, the strong drama and there’s real emotive content and it’s something that anybody can enjoy and get something out of. What’s wonderful about it is that it’s richly textured, you get a sense of society. You get a sense of love and universal values of that. At the same time, it explores people with a difference. People we may not see normally, people we may not engage with but it draws us into their world and makes us realise we’re all human after all.

                        Professor Richard J Hand

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