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Only Love Matters has done phenomenally well on the film festival circuit and has won over 30 awards including Best Director, Best Producer, Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay...

News article by T-VINE London “Elegant, original, thought-provoking”

Only Love Matters is on T-VINE News UK: “Elegant, original, thought-provoking”

News Article by Ravensbourne University London

A wonderful article by David Millett, Ravensbourne University London.

News article by Brunel University London

News article and producer Dr Iram Qureshi's interview by Brunel University London "ONLY LOVE MATTERS: World Intersex Awareness Day"

News article by the University of Westminster on OLM

A news article by the University of Westminster about Only Love Matters film and an interview of Hareem, an OLM direction team member.

Samaa TV: “Film’s Director, Producer and Actors appears as guests in Morning Show Naya Din (New Day)”

Meet our award-winning best actress Sara Faraj and the team (Director Dr Kamran Qureshi, and Producer Dr Iram Qureshi) in Samaa TV’s Morning live transmission, NAYA DIN (New Day). “Only Love Matters features the oldest pub in England, The Royal Standard of England, where famous movie on Stephen Hawking ‘The Theory of Everything’ was filmed....

Screenwriter Iannis Aliferis

"The challenges in writing this screenplay was to to bring the best of both worlds to to entertain and to shine a light at the same time into this corner of people that isn't well known." Iannis Aliferis