Handsome and charismatic, Ryan works part time as a model, but with his true vocation being that of a mental health charity worker. Born intersex, his childhood begun with trauma as surgery was performed on him as an infant to make him female, although as Ryan grew up, he felt more and more that he should be male. Sam Patel’s book was an eye opener that changed his life and made him accept who he truly was.
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A beautiful and anxious young woman. She works on a horse farm since the age of 17, after running away from home due to being bullied for being the child of an intersex mother. She does not trust others easily and prefers her own company -until Ryan comes into her life, that is.
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An intersex woman, sold into domestic slavery as a male, explores and finds her real self in a new world. She learns to face the challenges and finds love with perfect family dreams.
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A charming and young solicitor turned actor who meets and falls in love with Sam. The revelation of Sam’s intersex condition puts him at odds with his traditional and highly religious family when he proclaims to marry her.
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Stern, no-nonsense but deep down a considerate & solicitous man who rescues Sam from the streets.
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Mature & understanding, a motherly figure and someone who Stef looks up to.
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A loving, compassionate, educated and ambitious woman who plays a major role in turning Sam’s life altogether around.
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