BBFC Classification

ONLY LOVE MATTERS has been passed and licensed to display, bbfc 12A for film, and bbfc PG for trailer, British Board of Film Classification.

A REVIEW BY FILMNET “Direction is nothing short of phenomenal”

Review by FILMNET: "Dr. Qureshi’s direction is nothing short of phenomenal. He effectively tackles the unfamiliar territory of an Intersex protagonist without resorting to hackneyed clichés. There is a grandeur and complexity to his visual storytelling, and the manner in which he unfolds the narrative."

Interview by an American host, composer & actress Nicole Russin-McFarland

Interview: "Only Love Matters" Producer Dr. Iram Qureshi & Director Dr. Kamran Qureshi

News article by T-VINE London “Elegant, original, thought-provoking”

Only Love Matters is on T-VINE News UK: “Elegant, original, thought-provoking”

News Article by Ravensbourne University London

A wonderful article by David Millett, Ravensbourne University London.

News article by Brunel University London

News article and producer Dr Iram Qureshi's interview by Brunel University London "ONLY LOVE MATTERS: World Intersex Awareness Day"

CanadaOne TV: Open Talk with Sal Ahmed

Dr Iram Qureshi was a guest in Open Talk with Sal Ahmed at Canada One TV. “Enjoy this heart-to-heart chat with British filmmaker Dr Iram Qureshi. She is talking about her new film Only Love Matters. Iram also teaches media studies at a university in London, UK.”

News article by the University of Westminster on OLM

A news article by the University of Westminster about Only Love Matters film and an interview of Hareem, an OLM direction team member.

BOL TV Network: “From Direction to Production Everything is Outstanding”

Dr Iram Qureshi (Producer) was a guest in Morning Show CELEBS AND GOSSIPS at BOL TV.

Hum TV: Guest in Morning Show

Dr Iram Qureshi (Producer) was a guest in HUM TV morning show “Subah Say Agay” along with Dr Kamran Qureshi, the director of her movie Only Love Matters. Thank you Shiffa Yousafzai and Ovais Mangalwala (hosts) and Team HUM TV.

Samaa TV: “Film’s Director, Producer and Actors appears as guests in Morning Show Naya Din (New Day)”

Meet our award-winning best actress Sara Faraj and the team (Director Dr Kamran Qureshi, and Producer Dr Iram Qureshi) in Samaa TV’s Morning live transmission, NAYA DIN (New Day). “Only Love Matters features the oldest pub in England, The Royal Standard of England, where famous movie on Stephen Hawking ‘The Theory of Everything’ was filmed....

NEO TV: “A story of love, relationships, existence and acceptance”

Team Only Love Matters were live at NEO TV morning show. Hosted by Nabeeha Ejaz & Anwaar Khawar.

PTV News: “The secret behind the success of Only Love Matters”

Team Only Love Matters is honoured to be invited on the state TV of Pakistan, PTV News, on their Morning live transmission.

Express News: Guest in TV Show Expresso

Expresso’s Exclusive Interview With the Producer Dr Iram Qureshi And Director Dr Kamran Qureshi at the Express News.

Great original music for Only Love Matters by Jeffrey Weeks Harrison

Great original music for Only Love Matters by Jeffrey Weeks Harrison, an epic American orchestral award-winning composer, a performing classical and jazz musician...

Dr Sana Yasir, founder of Intersex Leap

Dr Sana Yasir (Physician and Intersex educator) meeting with the cast and crew (Indian spell) and answering their questions.

3rd Place: Brunel University London Alumna Award

Producer Dr Iram Qureshi has secured 3rd position for the Brunel University London’s Alumna Award, 2022 for producing feature film Only Love Matters.

Professor Eylem Atakav and Professor Richard J Hand

Dr Kamran Qureshi (Director) with Research Advisors Professor Richard Hand and Professor Eylem Atakav at the University of East Anglia.