Angela Peters
Angela Peters is an Actress & VO artist.
Angela Peters is playing Martha Davidson (Darren's mother) in Only Love Matters. works on television, theatre, films and commercials. Angela has appeared in award winning feature films and short films screened at London Short Film Festival, Dubai International Film Festival, Queens International Film Festival, Budapest Film Festival, East End Film Festival (plus more), and in cinemas throughout the UK and Europe, as well as Netflix, Amazon and iTunes. She is best known in Australia for her time on Australia's Seven Network for a season of "Queensland's Best Living".

Angela's voiceover credits include BBC, Singapore Airlines, and BP me; she's been the Aussie voice for the promos for I'm A Celebrity, Real Housewives of Melbourne and Safe Harbour, as well as being voicing for PricewaterhouseCoopers, ANZ, Aquafresh and Manchester City to name drop but a few.