Ashburton Premiere: Ashburton Arts Centre

Ashburton Arts Centre is Here! 28th of June 2024 at the Ashburton Arts Centre, 15 West St, Devon, TQ13 7DT, UK.

Isle of Wight Premiere: Ventnor Arts Club

Isle of Wight Premiere is Here! 18th of June 2024 at the Ventnor Arts Club, 13 High Street Ventnor, Isle of Wight PO38.

Devon Premiere: The Plough Arts Centre

Devon Premiere is Here! 19th of June 2024 at The Plough Arts Centre, 9-11 Fore Street, Great Torrington, Devon EX38 8HQ, South West England, UK.

Los Angeles Wire: Groundbreaking Intersex Film “Only Love Matters” Premieres to Acclaim

"The groundbreaking new British film Only Love Matters from award-winning director Dr. Kamran Qureshi is blazing a trail as the first cinema feature with intersex lead characters set in Britain".

BBC News Article: Intersex love story shown at Norwich film festival

An article on Only Love Matters by Shivani Chaudhari BBC News, Norfolk.

Norwich Premiere: The Forum, Millennium Plain

Film Screening and a chance to speak directly with with the award-winning director Dr Kamran Qureshi on the 1st of March 2024.

Featured in US Magazine: The Relatable Voice

Director Dr Kamran Qureshi's interview by Lucia Matuonto for US magazine, The Relatable Voice, Issue #19, Pages 42-46.

The Telegraph: “Only Love Matters” Sets New Milestone for Intersex Representation

"The production team overcame numerous obstacles during the challenging shoot, with filming taking place across over 40 stunning locations in the deserts of India and various sites across the UK. "

New York weekly’s article: Revolutionary Film “Only Love Matters” Shines a Light on Intersex Realities

New York weekly's article: "The film’s journey from conception to screen is a testament to the tenacity and passion of its creators, who navigated financial constraints and logistical complexities across two continents and various timelines, from the 1970s to the present."

London Daily Post’s article: A Groundbreaking Film on Intersex Lives and Struggles

London Daily Post's article on Only Love Matters: "As an academic, researcher, and author, Dr. Qureshi’s unique perspective shines a light on the often unseen intersex community, with her film set to be a historic addition to British cinema."

BBC News: Film director bids to raise intersex awareness

Only Love Matters, an award-winning feature film by Dr Kamran Qureshi is making waves in the media, with a recent feature by the BBC

BBC One TV Report on Only Love Matters

BBC One TV report by Mike Apps on Feature Film Only Love Matters, which made history in British cinema.

An interview by That’s TV UK

An interview of the director of Only Love Matters, Dr Kamran Qureshi by Keira Sutcliffe for That's TV UK.

BBC Radio Solent: the UK’s first feature film to have intersex lead characters

"Reporter Mike Apps speaks to Dr Kamran Qureshi of Solent University about his film, "Only Love Matters", the UK's first feature film to have intersex lead characters." BBC SOUNDS Available here:

Screening and Q&A at Ravensbourne University London

Screening and Q&A at Ravensbourne University London.


Only Love Matters has done phenomenally well on the film festival circuit and has won over 30 awards including Best Director, Best Producer, Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay...

Southampton Premiere at the Southampton Film Week (SFW) in partnership with Solent University Southampton

Film Screening + Q&A with director Dr Kamran Qureshi presented by Solent University Southampton in partnership with Southampton Film Week (SFW) on 16th November 2023.

Live show Drive time with Mark Carter

Interview of director Dr Kamran Qureshi on a live show 'Drive time with Mark Carter'

Interview on The Joe Abery Show

Catch the interview of the director Dr Kamran and producer Dr Iram on the next episode of the The Joe Abery Show early next week!

UK premiere at BFI Southbank on the 27th October 2023

Only Love Matters is having its UK premiere is on the 27th October at BFI Southbank.

Interview for Dale’s Diaries by Dale Forwood

Interview for Dale’s Diaries by Dale Forwood on the UK premiere of ONLY LOVE MATTERS at prestigious BFI Southbank London.

Screening: Brunel University London

Screening of Only Love Matters held at Brunel University London on the 26th October 2023.

An article by Solent University Southampton: “BREAKING BOUNDARIES”

“This remarkable film stands out for its inclusion of intersex lead characters, shedding light on their complex realities in the UK. It’s a touching story about a mother’s sacrifices for her adopted daughter and her quest for intersex rights, driven by a life-altering discovery.” Dr Stuart Joy (Associate Head of Research, Innovation and Education, Solent...

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