BBC TV: An interview for Only Love Matters

An interview by BBC South TV (by Mike Apps) for Only Love Matters, which made history in British cinema.

Live show Drive time with Mark Carter

Interview of director Dr Kamran Qureshi on a live show 'Drive time with Mark Carter'

Southampton Premiere at the Southampton Film Week (SFW) in partnership with Solent University Southampton

Film Screening + Q&A with director Dr Kamran Qureshi presented by Solent University Southampton in partnership with Southampton Film Week (SFW) on 16th November 2023.

Screening and Q&A at Ravensbourne University London

Screening and Q&A on 14th December at Ravensbourne University London.

Interview on The Joe Abery Show

Catch the interview of the director Dr Kamran and producer Dr Iram on the next episode of the The Joe Abery Show early next week!


Only Love Matters has done phenomenally well on the film festival circuit and has won over 30 awards including Best Director, Best Producer, Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay...

UK premiere at BFI Southbank on the 27th October 2023

Only Love Matters is having its UK premiere is on the 27th October at BFI Southbank.

Screening: Brunel University London

Screening of Only Love Matters held at Brunel University London on the 26th October 2023.

“BREAKING BOUNDARIES” an article by Solent University Southampton

“This remarkable film stands out for its inclusion of intersex lead characters, shedding light on their complex realities in the UK. It’s a touching story about a mother’s sacrifices for her adopted daughter and her quest for intersex rights, driven by a life-altering discovery.” Dr Stuart Joy (Associate Head of Research, Innovation and Education, Solent...

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“Only Love Matters is the first feature film in cinema history to have intersex lead characters set in Britain. Intersex people are born with sex characteristics that do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies; the film sheds new light on intersex visibility and has been described as “the first British film to...

Only Love Matters is on Film Hub, part of BFI Film Audience Network.

Only Love Matters is on Film Hub, part of BFI Film Audience Network.

BBFC Classification

ONLY LOVE MATTERS has been passed and licensed to display, bbfc 12A for film, and bbfc PG for trailer, British Board of Film Classification.

“Direction is nothing short of phenomenal” A REVIEW BY FILMNET

Review by FILMNET: "Dr. Qureshi’s direction is nothing short of phenomenal. He effectively tackles the unfamiliar territory of an Intersex protagonist without resorting to hackneyed clichés. There is a grandeur and complexity to his visual storytelling, and the manner in which he unfolds the narrative."

Interview by an American host, composer & actress Nicole Russin-McFarland

Interview: "Only Love Matters" Producer Dr. Iram Qureshi & Director Dr. Kamran Qureshi

News article by T-VINE London “Elegant, original, thought-provoking”

Only Love Matters is on T-VINE News UK: “Elegant, original, thought-provoking”

News Article by Ravensbourne University London

A wonderful article by David Millett, Ravensbourne University London.

News article by Brunel University London

News article and producer Dr Iram Qureshi's interview by Brunel University London "ONLY LOVE MATTERS: World Intersex Awareness Day"

CanadaOne TV: Open Talk with Sal Ahmed

Dr Iram Qureshi was a guest in Open Talk with Sal Ahmed at Canada One TV. “Enjoy this heart-to-heart chat with British filmmaker Dr Iram Qureshi. She is talking about her new film Only Love Matters. Iram also teaches media studies at a university in London, UK.”