Michelle Cort
Michelle Cort is a Colourist.
Michelle Cort is a Colourist of Only Love Matters. Over the past decade, she has worked as a Colourist at several renowned post houses. This has allowed her to work on all manner of projects ranging from Hollywood Blockbusters to highly acclaimed TV shows, providing her with an in-depth knowledge of many Grading Systems, DI workflows and techniques utilised within the industry. Furthermore, she recently completed several feature films ('Cordelia' and 'A Christmas Gift From Bob') which have just been released in cinemas and on VOD. In the past, her talents have been recognised with a nomination for the Broadcast TECH Young Talent Awards in the Colourist category.
I was attracted to work on the film as more exposure and information is needed around the sensitive topic of Intersex. The film has already overcome some of the historical barriers of Intersex by featuring lead intersex characters. The film is set across 3 time periods and so for the colour grade, we had to create 3 different looks to identify this. The locations and costumes helped greatly to separate the different styles and guided us with the colour palettes we could use for each. I have been working within Colour Grading teams for over a decade now and so was able to draw on my past experiences from Oscar-winning films to High-End TV Drama as well as restoration work to recreate the classic filmic colour palettes and make these also work alongside the modern scenes. For example, the scenes set in the Great Indian Desert during the 1980's naturally have a warmer and softer sunlight when compared to the British scenes and so we utilised this to give it a bit of a distant memory feel. For the British 1990's colour palette we took influences from more classic filmic styles based around the filmstock and processes of the period whilst bringing out the emotional story with the use of richness within the colours. And for the British 2020's colour palette we went for a sharp, clean and clear colour palette to emphasise the modern feel. Overall I have found this to be a really fun and eye-opening film to work on. The team clearly has a deep passion for the topic of Intersex and how bringing more information to the general public through the art of film making can benefit those affected.
Michelle Cort