Emma von Schreiber
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Fear the Grizzly
Best Cinematography
Ana Alcazar
Calvin Harris
Assistant Camera
Ingo Kendzia
AEG Nürnberg
Spitzbart Filmtechnik

A beautiful yet anxious young woman. She has worked on a horse farm since the age of 17, after running away from home due to being bullied for being the child of an intersex mother. She does not trust others easily and prefers her own company -until Ryan comes into her life, that is.

Over the course of three days in Wroclaw, amidst the American Film Festival, the participating filmmakers and their producers watched each other’s private screenings and attended one-on-one meetings.

Behind The Scenes

At the final night’s closing celebration, three films were awarded various awards, including a TV acquisition offer for Actor Martinez (Ott and Silver) and digital post-production services for The Loner (Grove, Caplan, and Safai). The biggest prize of post-production services, including a 5.1 sound mix, a TV acquisition offer, and an original score composition.

Written and directed by Bennett and produced by Miller and her Fishbowl Films partner Diane Becker, Alaska is a Drag tells the story of Leo and his twin sister Tristen (Martin L. Washington Jr. and Maya Washington) as they overcome their hometown struggles in Alaska and plan to find their long-lost mother in LA. It’s the first feature film for Bennett.

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